Toc New Arcus

    NEW ARCUS door frames are made of MDF covered with Classen Primo, Classen 3D look, Classen Iridium veneer and Classen CPL laminate in decors corresponding to door leaf decors. Besides modern design, the advantage of this door frame is its universal application – for the purpose of adjustment to different wall thickness, this door frame is available in two adjustment ranges: 115 – 200 mm and 200 – 320 mm. Available also in Tunel version.

    Complete door frame consists of upper beam and base element (two separate packages), which is equipped with two silver pintle hinges (the third hinge – for extra charge). For door leaves of dimension 100’ or reinforced leaves, it is required to use door frame with three hinges.

    Classen Primo: Acacia ST, Walnut
    Classen 3D Look: Oiled Oak, White Ash, Coulmbia light Walnut
    Classen Iridium: Brown Ash, Graphite Ash, Wenge
    Classen CPL: Acacia, Light Aciacia, Italian Walnut


    • third hinge: 15,00 / 18,45
    • door frame: 100’: +20%
    • door frame for double leaf door: + 50%
    • regulatory insert 200-320 mm: 89,00 / 109,47 zł

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